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  • NDrive launches region-specific NLife apps, with pre-installed maps

    NDrive launches region-specific NLife apps, with pre-installed maps

    Almost a year has passed since we launched NLife globally. A brand new offline navigation app, using unique route calculation technology, along with other exciting connected features. Since then, NLife has been available in more than 100 countries, giving the users the ability to choose any map available, and try it before purchasing a lifetime license.


    So far, NLife is proving to be a great success in many countries, having reached top ranking positions in the iTunes App Store and Google Play. Apart from the NLife global app, we have decided to broad our catalogue, making things even more simple for our users. We are now launching region-specific apps with pre-installed maps, so that after the store download, the app is immediately ready to do what it does best: guide you towards your destination, quickly and safely.


    These brand new applications, with the map of your region of choice included in the bundle, are available in two different versions: premium and trial.


    Our premium versions, available only for iOS, offer you all the features of NLife, including lifetime turn-by-turn navigation and free map updates for 2 years, along with additional features such as TTS voices and Traffic.


    The trial versions, available for iOS and Android, include a fully-featured 15-days trial, after which you are invited to get the lifetime turn-by-turn feature, which also includes free maps updates. If you choose not to get the lifetime license, you can still enjoy the app as an offline map viewer and places finder, as well as a route planner.


    Get to know our current portfolio of published applications.

    NLife apps

    With these new products, we are certain to offer our clients an extensive range of applications, which will certainly meet their needs. When it comes to excellency in navigation, NLife has the right solution for you.

  • Heat wave travelling North

    Heat wave travelling North

    Five local information companies from the Eniro Group have just launched their own navigation applications, in four different countries: in Sweden “Eniro Navigation”, in Denmark “Krak Navigation” and “DGS GPS”, in Norway “Gule Sider Navigasjon” and in Poland “Panorama Firm Nawigacja”. These applications are available both on the iTunes AppStore and Google Play.


    Eniro is a search company with presence in the Scandinavia and Poland, which operates as a key player in the area of search operations, filtering organizing and presenting information, therefore enabling sellers and buyers to find people.


    The brand new apps were developed by NDrive and are just one more example of successful strategic partnerships with local players, by combining Ndrive’s expertise in navigation solutions, with our partners’ information databases, as well as their knowledge of the local markets. Our partners are able to present their user-base a fully-featured application, aimed to respond to their increasing needs of mobility, offering a way to efficiently search for local businesses and navigate towards them, all in the same platform.


    All these apps can be downloaded for free by iOS and Android users from the above mentioned countries.

  • NLife: Fully-featured Premium application with Powerful core technology

    NLife: Fully-featured Premium application with Powerful core technology

    NDrive's new application – NLife – is currently available worldwide through Apple's AppStore and Android's Google Play. Actually, it is not quite worldwide, and the reason for this is the existence of strategic and valuable OEM partnerships. By using NLife’s core technology to develop new apps and benefiting of the market know-how of local companies, NDrive is able to have projection in other large markets.


    The NLife application is out there and ready to face the challenges. The result of years of R&D is not only a powerful offline navigation application, but a complete new technology in its core, which is visible for example in the high performance of route calcultation and (the highly responsive) interaction with the the map interface. NLife is definitely more than a shining new navigation app and was developed having in mind user-interaction and usability. If you want to take a closer look at all the features, start here.


    The app can be downloaded for free in more than 30 countries, as a fully-featured 7-day trial. After the 7 days, you are invited to get a lifetime license of the turn-by-turn feature, for the map you have previously chosen, which also includes free map updates. If you choose not to get the lifetime license, you can still enjoy the app as a map viewer, a places finder and route calculator.


    As mentioned earlier, NDrive was able to create new navigation solutions using freemium business models, thus establishing strategic partnerships in several countries/markets, like Mappy GPS Free in France, Oi Mapas in Brazil and the latest one to be released: TuttoCittà NAV in Italy – a fully-featured navigation application, free for all, developed in partnership with Italy’s Yellow-Pages company: Pagine Gialle.


    If TuttoCittà app is to follow the previous projects’ results, NDrive’s up for another success case, earning top positions in category rankings, building a massive user community and obtaining good ratings.


    The future is bright, and we’ll surely navigate there using NLife.

  • NDrive and Oi to launch a Free Navigation System in Brazil

    NDrive and Oi to launch a Free Navigation System in Brazil

    NDrive software is the engine behind Oi Mapas, a new mapping and navigation app for smartphones, launched by leading carrier Oi in the Brazilian market today. The app is available for free to all Brazilian Android and iPhone users, even for subscribers from Oi competitors.


    Oi Mapas is a Premium turn-by-turn navigation app, running offline and not requiring internet access to work: by avoiding communication costs and latency, it provides a much better and faster navigation experience than the Cloud alternatives (like Google Maps or Waze).


    The product includes several leading edge features like advanced routing, updated maps and integration with social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare). NDrive has been successfully developing this new market approach and is now able to offer a premium navigation app for free.


    According to João Neto, NDrive's CEO, “We are enabling our Telco and Yellow Pages customers to develop communities of millions of engaged costumers and monetize them through Search and Ad displays. Oi is a perfect example of an innovative Telco in high-growth market changing the game with maps”.


    According to Gustavo Alvim , Oi VAS Manager, “With Oi Mapas we can differentiate in the market, deliver a high value map App to smartphone users and avoid the hurdles of cloud based navigation. Additionally we are creating a new revenue stream”.

  • Impressions from the MWC 2013

    Impressions from the MWC 2013

    This year’s industry-defining event, Mobile World Congress, was once again hosted in the Mobile World Capital Barcelona, at a new venue, Fira Gran Via. More than 72,000 attendees from 200 countries were treated to a wealth of learning and networking opportunities; product showcases and announcements; inspiration and innovation.

    NDrive was there, presenting its latest Navigation App for iOS and Android: NLife. This is the most important mobile show in the world, and the one where NDrive concentrates its major efforts. NDrive acknowledges that this is a strategic presence for three main reasons: to showcase a new product; to create new business opportunities and to follow-up global and local deals with flagship brands.

    At the same time, NLife has just been published in the Canadian App Store and Google Play store, and is now available for download. This new application runs on-board, providing a better user experience and avoiding communications hurdles and costs. NLife provides all of the state-of-the-art navigation features, enhanced with the latest technology improvements.

  • NDrive confirms presence at the MWC 2013

    NDrive confirms presence at the MWC 2013

    For the fourth consecutive year, NDrive will be present in the next edition of Mobile World Congress. The MWC has been growing in the past years, to become “the” mobile technology show, supported by the presence of numerous key players, such as HTC, Samsung, LG and many others.
    In 2013 this will be no exception, and that's why NDrive chose this occasion to launch its most recent product: NLife. The new navigation app presents a completely disruptive image, combined with an aesthetically appealing map interface and a re-designed search concept.
    NDrive will be exhibiting at the "App Planet" Hall (8.1).
    Since the target of this fair is B2B, NDrive will also display the multiple business models available for its corporate customers, whether they are telco operators, global manufacturers or mapping companies.

    For more information about the MWC visit